Benedict Cumberbatch Saves Delivery Person from Muggers

Benedict Cumberbatch Saves Delivery Person from Muggers

ICYMI, Benedict Cumberbatch has become a real-life crimestopper.

Not content to just play a hero, like Sherlock or Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch stopped a bicycle delivery driver from being mugged. The actor was traveling by Uber through London when he witnessed the assault begin. He jumped out of the car and drove off the four assailants.

The Metropolitan Police would neither confirm nor deny that Cumberbatch was involved, but the delivery driver’s employer was clear in their tweet:

“Thank you Benedict Cumberbatch for your brave actions. Deliveroo riders are heroes – their safety is our priority and any violence against them is totally unacceptable. So on behalf of everyone at deliveroo: thank you.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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