Cute Meets Metal in Sanrio’s Aggretsuko

Cute Meets Metal in Sanrio’s Aggretsuko

Love Hello Kitty, but looking for a gritty reboot? Your wait is over! Sanrio and Netflix have co-produced Aggretsuko, a ten episode anime series about the trials and tribulations of Retsuko, a red panda with adult problems.

Retsuko is an accountant who hates her job, hates her boss, gets drunk, and does death metal karaoke. She also has a sort-of boyfriend, Resasuke, another red panda who is just not that into her.

The episodes of Aggretsuko are only fifteen minutes long, and Hello Kitty doesn’t actually appear in any of them. But Sanrio still knows what sells. The show is available now on Netflix.

Source: Polygon

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