Disney’s Stuntronics Robots Up the Game

Disney’s Stuntronics Robots Up the Game

Our Disney Overlords have gone CGI one better with a new generation of animatronics.

Called Stuntronics, these robotic characters are an offshoot of the Stickman research project Disney had been pursuing. Where traditional animatronics are built to be sturdy and stationary, Stuntronics are the autonomous and self-correcting stunt doubles for other animatronic figures. They are built to perform the challenging, dynamic actions during shows, much as a human stunt double would do for a human actor.

Stuntronic robots contain laser range finders, gyroscopes, and accelerometers that allow it to perform various tricks and poses while flown on a wire. They are also human-shaped, but not yet convincingly human.

Tony Dohi, Principal R&D Imagineer says “One of our goals of Stuntronics is to see if we can leap across the uncanny valley.”

Won’t that be fun.

Source: Tech Crunch

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