E3 2017 Saw Attendance Surge

E3 2017 Saw Attendance Surge

Now that E3 2017 is over, one thing is clear: letting the public attend had a huge effect on the expo. This year’s E3 was packed with 68,400 attendees—up from 50,300 in 2016. Fifteen thousand public tickets were sold, and E3 opened its doors early to accommodate the crowds. Wait times were long and booths were packed. But it doesn’t seem to have deterred the attendees.

The Entertainment Software Association had intended to offer fewer passes to media representatives, streamers, and other industry professionals to limit attendance, but the numbers don’t show it. If anything, more industry reps attended in 2017 than 2016.

ESA has already announced the dates for E3 2018, but have not mentioned if the public will be allowed to attend again. But I think we already know they will.

Source: Polygon

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