FTC Says Console Warranty-voiding Threats Are Illegal

FTC Says Console Warranty-voiding Threats Are Illegal

Much like mattress tags, the threatening language of “warranty stickers” on gaming consoles can be safely ignored.  According to the FTC, manufacturers have no legal authority to void a warranty based on a consumer using third-party parts or an unauthorized repair service.

For example, Nintendo proclaims that “this warranty shall not apply if this product is used with products not sold or licensed by Nintendo”, while Sony declares “this warranty does not apply if this product… has had the warranty seal on the PS4™ system altered, defaced, and removed.”

It seems they overstate their cases.

Earlier this week the FTC sent warning letters to six companies, advising them that these threats to void warranties are illegal, and giving the companies 30 days to remove such language from their websites and other materials and to stop voiding warranties based on the illegal language.

Source: Ars Technica

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