Google Faces New Anti-White Men Discrimination Charge

Google Faces New Anti-White Men Discrimination Charge

Google is being sued for discriminatory practices against white men–again—but this time, the accusation is that Google would only consider female, black, and Latinx applicants. Currently, Google’s employees are 69% male and 91% white or Asian. So, yes, some diversity initiatives might be in order.

However, a former YouTube employee claims Google implemented policies that increase diversity by excluding white and Asian men from consideration. The employee also claims he was fired in November 2017 in retaliation for speaking out about the policies.

And this isn’t the only problem Google has with its workforce. The giant company is also being sued for underpaying its female employees, firing an employee for pro-diversity postings, and creating a culture that encouraged sexual harassment.

Source: The Verge

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    Alternancia March 12, 2018

    They have introduced three new tabs which say “Meet the women behind the apps,” “Discover games made by women” and “Play games with strong female characters. ” Last year, Google launched its “Change the Game” to acknowledge the contribution of female developers.  Change the Game‘s official page describes it as a` “Google Play initiative promoting diversity in games, celebrating all women who play games, and empowering the next generation of game-makers through ongoing research, development programs, and partnerships. ” According to one more finding by Google, “65% of women play mobile games, making up half of all mobile gamers. In fact, female mobile gamers play more frequently than men with 43% of them playing more than five days a week compared to just 38% of men.

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