Madden 16 Connected Franchise Rookie Draft Guide

Madden 16 Connected Franchise Rookie Draft Guide

Madden 16 has been out for over a month now, and most of this information is easily found via trial and error. That said, who wants to spend their time on trial and error? This will teach you how to exploit the artificial intelligence in the Madden 16 Connected Franchise mode’s Rookie Draft that happens at the end of every season.

Step one: Obtain the first round first overall pick in any way necessary. 

This is not as hard as it should be. You want to execute this step in the weeks prior to the draft. Trade away your first round pick in the next draft, whatever backup player you can spare that might be attractive to the other team, and another pick to obtain the first overall pick in the draft. This might take you a few tries, but the picture below shows an example of what I have traded for the pick in question.

Obtaining the first overall pick.

Thanks Detroit!

How do I know which team has the first overall pick? Well, the easiest way to do this is to go into Roster, change the filter to “Picks” and scroll through until you find the team with the first overall pick.

Finding the first overall pick.

And our victim is found.

Step two: Start the draft, and then pause the draft. 

Did I need to type the above? Maybe not, but it’s best not to assume when it comes to the internet.

Step three: Trade down!

Once you are in possession of the first overall pick of the first round, you can trade down for the next team’s first, their second round pick, and their first round pick of the next year. To do this, go to the manage section of the franchise and move down to improve team, or trade block, and next go to “Manual Trade.” Select the team that has the second overall pick of the first round, and offer your first overall pick for their second overall pick, their second round pick, and their first round pick of the following year.

I have never had this declined, but if, for some reason, you find them declining the offer, instead take their third round pick in lieu of the second rounder.

Trading down.

Commence collection of assets.

Step four: You now have the second overall pick of the first round, and you will, you guessed it, trade down! 

This is where the article will become repetitive. Using the method I described for trading down the first overall pick, trade the second overall pick to the team holding the third overall pick in exchange for that pick, their second round pick, and their first round pick the following year.

Step five: Continue until this is no longer profitable, or there is someone you just cannot miss drafting. 

In each draft there are outliers or needs that you need to fill. The entire point of this is to be able to get whatever rookies you would like, whenever you would like them. By using the methods described above and by taking enough time this is easily possible.

At a certain point you will not get a great enough return on your first round pick to make the above methods profitable, but at this point you should have multiple first round picks the following year, and equally importantly quite a few second round picks for the current year’s draft.

At this point, you can begin drafting, and you can also begin trading some of the ridiculous number of picks that you have acquired to trade up for some of the rookies you have been eyeing.

Why Rookies in Madden 16 are a good idea.

I’m going to completely ignore the above sentence and tell you why Rookies in Madden 16 are not as important as they were in previous entries in the Madden genre.

Progression is terrible and borderline broken. If you have offensive rookies that you manage to involve in your offense to great success, it’s possible that you will slowly improve those rookies’ overall rating. Defensive rookies on the other hand, you will have very little development from no matter how hard you try.

Let’s say that you were to simulate and entire season in order to develop your rookies for the next season. Well, you just wasted your time. Those players will get on average around 3000 experience points for you to allocate. This number is incredibly inadequate as far as creating any tangible gains in a player.

Let me make this clear: Progression in Madden 16 is terrible and unrewarding.

Now, to why I spent the time to be able to write this guide in the first place. If you do a good job on scouting (which this guide will not cover, but a scouting guide could follow in the future) you will find certain rookies that possess a singular trait that is very important in Madden: Speed.

You can find viable rookies with speed and acceleration that greatly outpaces the players on the default rosters of the game. Those players will have flaws, notably, they will have very little of the Awareness stat. Never fear, if that is a stat that you value, it’s fairly inexpensive and it’s one of the few ways that you can make a tangible impact on a player via their progression points.

There’s another reason why having eight first round draft picks is not a bad idea. Rookies are fun to play with. It’s exciting to take this rookie with a made up name and watch him wreak havoc on your opposition. If you do a good enough job drafting, their speed and strength will outweigh the flaws that they possess by being undeveloped rookies and you’ll see a notable improvement to your team.

Thanks for reading this guide, and if you have any questions feel free to email me:


  1. Avatar
    Todd December 23, 2015

    True the progression seems harder in this iteration of Madden. However, I still have no trouble getting 1 or 2 rookies a season up to 90+ overall on both offense and defense. Gone are the days of my 5 or 6 rookies I am able to get up to 95+ in one season

  2. Avatar
    Nick January 16, 2016

    I cannot get the draft to speed up. I am the only person in my “league” and although it is connected all the other picks are CPU. However whenever I choose Skip Ahead in the Draft and select either Advance to Next Pick or Advance to Next User Pick it just removes the option to Skip ahead in the Draft and continues to countdown for every MF pick. This is extremely frustrating way since I dont have time to wait for 1 hour between each of my picks. Is this a bug, am I doing something stupid or wrong?

    • Avatar
      Frank January 29, 2016

      Hey Nick, its definitely a bug, try uninstalling your game and then installing it again…

  3. Avatar
    Jeff January 30, 2016

    Am I the only one to have a bug when in CFM mode I hit start draft for 2016 rookies and it just skips it entirely?

  4. Avatar
    Koe February 06, 2016

    Ok are the 1st pick in the draft automatically good or na

    • Avatar
      Jerry May 09, 2016

      It depends on your pick, most 1st round picks cost more in cap then 2nd and 3rd round picks. If you have the cap turned off then you don’t have to worry about spending. But if you have cap on, then you have to watch your spending. You can still get good players in 2nd and 3rd rounds, they are not all in 1st round. hope this helps.

  5. Avatar
    Greg February 23, 2016

    How do speed up the draft where I sim it to user pick?

    • Avatar
      Matt March 06, 2016

      Offer a real bad trade to each team will make them pick immediately.

  6. Avatar
    Shanna March 19, 2016

    How many round are there as I’m simming the draft and it’s taking ages !!!

    • Avatar
      Jerry May 09, 2016

      7 rounds

  7. Avatar
    Alex March 20, 2016

    Idk if they just hate me, but this only worked up through pick 3. I had to go to pick 5 instead of 4 so they would accept, and now from my current pick at 5 down to pick 8 they want me significantly increase my offer. I’m doing the 1,2,1 trade, or the 1,3,1 round picks and nothing. My coach has the trade skill unlocked also..

    • Avatar
      Jerry May 09, 2016

      I found once you get to that point, then start over. Trade for the 1st pick overall again, then start the process over. You can pickup a lot of 2nd round picks for the current draft and a lot of 1st round picks for the following years draft.

      • Avatar
        Jerry May 11, 2016

        Also, wait until the combine results week to trade. Teams are easier to trade with.

  8. Avatar
    Tyler April 08, 2016

    I’ve done this a few years in a row, it’s tricky when you land a bunch of superstar talent, and then it’s time to resign, after you’ve developed them. Draft another player that turns out to be better, can’t trade the signed player due to cap penalty. Right? If you trade a player you pay the same cap penalty as if you cut or released that player. Especially if you use the high bonus tactic of resigning.

    • Avatar
      Steve September 12, 2017

      So im like a drafrt guru lol at least i think i am so at the end of yr sign ss superstars as in ur developement skills over the age of about 24 26yrs old with out spending any xp points the whole yr to a 2-3 yr contract if he is 26 u can sign him to a 7 yr contract then spend xp points on him NOTE : U CAN SEND XP ON TRAITS START WITH CLUTCH IF AHD ONLY IF HES A SS IF NOT WAIT !!! K so when coming to draft its almost a hit or miss for develope players in othere wrds quick fast ss depends on wat madden yr ur playing k fast fwd at the end of that yr again thru the whole yr no spending xp now after ur 2yr sign ur miss fits obvisly the player that means the most to ur team spread out ur yrs accordinly from least need low contract low yrs to most up to 7yrs k fast fwd again next yr k so this i s wherr isign my vets in the 26 or older with a 90 to 100 ovr rating to long term contracts wait tell my rookie contracts r up the slam big contracts down BOOM this allows u to keep pro vets and have 8 and on up quick to superstar develope players that u drafted and fit ur misfits in for dept EXAMPLE MISFITS MY TOP MISFIT TYLER LOCKETT WR super fast recevier really cheap low rating greatslot and returner this also spreads ur cap to have all these players never fails me good luck

  9. Avatar
    Jerry May 08, 2016

    What’s the maximum number of draft picks you can get in a single season? I have 25 picks total and 14 of them are 1st round picks. It won’t let me trade to get anymore picks. Is there a way to change this setting? I have seen a few other users online state that they have over 30+ picks a season.

  10. Avatar
    Ted May 10, 2016

    I dont pay those ridiculous salaries. 106 mil for 6 years. Yeah right. Take super stars and bench em or use lightly for 1st contract. Then after 4 yrs they want 4 yrs 24 mil. Thats more like it. How about 6 years 32 mil. Yes? Well ok stud. now I get 6 seasons with 50% of my offense and 50% of my defense as potential HOF players. Next contract there 30 or older so i dont resign anyways. Oh you want another 6 yrs and 100 mil. Sorry big boy your replacements here go sit in FA.

  11. Avatar
    Mike May 25, 2016

    Madden 16 Draft Guide should be called Madden 16 Cheat Guide. It’s really pathetic you need to manipulate the CPU like this. Let me guess you’re undefeated too winning by 80 points break every record each year all on rookie mode? Am the only one that enjoys playing realistically not take advantage of idiot AI? I mean how much fun is it cheating the CPU like these, I’ll never understand it.

  12. Avatar
    Texasdamu July 14, 2016

    Why is it that you draft a player abs he’ll be an 84 but when you look at the draft recap he’ll be a 70, wth is that all about?!?

    • Avatar
      Austin December 13, 2016

      Depends on your scheme, the DTs always seem to drop no matter what.

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