NASA Offering Free Plans for DYI Mars Rover

NASA Offering Free Plans for DYI Mars Rover

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made plans for an Open Source Rover available for free online. Now, anyone with a fondness for Martian Rovers can build a scaled down version of the Curiosity Rover to do some terrestrial exploration of their own.

The Open Source Rover is a less complicated model than the educational rover ROV-E, and can be built for about $2500.00 using easily purchased components.

According to officials at NASA, “While the Open Source Rover instructions are quite detailed, they still allow the builder the option of making their own design choices. For example, builders can decide what controllers to use, weigh the trade-offs of adding USB cameras or solar panels and even attach science payloads. The baseline design of OSR … will allow users to choose how they want to customize and add to their rover, touching on multiple hardware and software principles along the way.”


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