Netflix Announces New and Renewed Anime Series

Netflix Announces New and Renewed Anime Series

Netflix is committing to anime with a mix of new and returning series.

The streaming service has ordered three new anime shows. Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle is a sequel to Planet of the Monsters, and will launch on July 18. Ultraman is a drama about a man fighting evil with the help of Ultraman’s spirit and ultra-suit. It will debut in the spring. Kegan Ashura is about a middle-aged man hired to be a gladiator to protect his boss’s corporate interests. It will be out sometime in 2019.

And other series will be back. Aggretsuko will begin its second season in 2019, Dragon Pilot will be back on September 21, Castlevania returns on October 26, and Cannon Busters rounds out the renewals on April 1.

Source: Deadline

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