New Dino Find Pushes Back Date of Sauropod Origins

New Dino Find Pushes Back Date of Sauropod Origins

A newly described dinosaur–Lingwulong shenqi, or, “amazing dragon of Lingwu”—may mean that sauropods evolved 15 million years earlier than paleontologists had thought.

The fossils were first discovered by a farmer in the Chinese city of Lingwu. When paleontologists excavated the site, they found bones from at least eight individual Lingwulong.

Further study found that these dinosaurs are neosauropods (the group that includes Brontosaurus and Diplodocus) and suggests that they are also the earliest known advanced sauropods ever discovered. While other neosauropods thrived in the late Jurassic (163 to 145 million years ago) Lingwulong lived 174 million years ago, during the Middle Jurassic. It is also the first neosauropod found in Asia.

Source: Tech Times

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