OpenAI Takes on Humans in Dota 2 Match-up

OpenAI Takes on Humans in Dota 2 Match-up

Starting today, a team of bots known as OpenAI Five will take on a team of professional video game players in three Dota 2 matches. The competition will take place at The International in Vancouver, Canada.

This will be a very public test of the ability of multiple AI to collaborate in a fast-paced multiplayer situation. The goal is to teach AI to manage unpredictability in real-world situations.

OpenAI has already beaten human teams in five-on-five warm-up matches, but The International offers a different level of challenges. In the one game that OpenAI lost, it could not effectively compensate for playing characters that needed time to build up their abilities. Still, Dota 2 is a valuable test whether OpenAI wins, or doesn’t, as it reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the bot’s learning algorithms.

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