Riftwar Saga Being Adapted for TV

Riftwar Saga Being Adapted for TV

The Riftwar Saga is on the way to becoming a TV series. BCDF Pictures has picked up the rights to Raymond E. Feist’s bestselling, 32-volume-and-counting fantasy series. BCDF plans to start small, by getting screenwriter Kurt Johnstad (Atomic Blonde, 300, 300: Rise of an Empire) board to do the adaptation of the first novel, Magician.  

Riftwar’s universe has already been the basis of two video games, and the novels have been adapted as Marvel comics. Of the new venture, Feist said, “I am delighted to have finally met people with the understanding of the work and vision to match my own in bringing The Riftwar Saga to series television.  I look forward to working with the talented crew at BCDF as much as they need and am excited at finally seeing Magician on the screen.”

Source: Deadline

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