Thrill of the Hunt: Suicide Squad

Thrill of the Hunt: Suicide Squad

Thrill of the Hunt is Nerdgoblin’s weekly look at comic book prices that are rising on the back issue market, and this time around we’re looking at the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and how it’s driving the first appearances of Squad members who will be appearing in the movie.

The Suicide Squad first appeared way back in The Brave and The Bold #25 in 1959, where it worked as a shadowy strikeforce used to fight monsters and aliens, and operating under the auspices of a secret government agency known as Task Force X. In 1987, DC Comics revived the Suicide Squad concept, but this time recruited a team of well-known super-villains to form the ranks of the Squad.  These villains were kept in line with a remote-activated mini-bomb implanted in their brains, and sent off by the U.S. government to confront world-threatening conspiracies and dangers on missions where it was too dangerous to use regular forces. Because of the nature of the team, membership has always varied, depending upon who is “recruited” from the prisons of the DC Universe…

For the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which will be released in August, Warner Bros. Pictures has been keeping the identities of many key characters under wraps. However, we do know at least eight members of the movie version of the Suicide Squad, and their first appearances have been heating up on the back issue market.  Here’s how the movie appears to be affecting prices so far:

 ICO001380-min  x38gJSh-min Boomerang

Played by: Jai Courtney

Bio: Known in the comics as Captain Boomerang, this villain first appeared in Flash #117, way back in December of 1960. He uses weaponized boomerangs to support his criminal activities.

Values: Boomerang’s first appearance has been collectible for many years, but has still risen about 10% over the past year, and now sells for $1,100.00

 4c_125644_0_TheManWhoReplacedBatman-min  will-smith-deadshot-suicide-squad-picture-600x600-min Deadshot

Played by: Will Smith

Bio: A hired assassin and weapons expert, Deadshot first appeared in Batman #59 from June of 1950. His first modern appearance came in Detective Comics #474, released in 1977.

Values: Batman #59 has long been an expensive book, and has risen about 20% in the past year to $2,000. But Detective Comics #474 has recently been a breakout book, rising from about $25 to more than $125.

 NgA0ADEAMgA0ADUA-min  eldiablo-134415-min El Diablo

Played by: Jay Hernandez

Bio: El Diablo is a former Los Angeles gang leader with the ability to control fire. There have been a number of characters called El Diablo, but this version first appeared in 2008’s El Diablo #1.

Values: A year ago, El Diablo #1 was a $1 book at best, but now it commands $20 or more.

 OQAyADUAMgA3AA==-min  cara-delevingne-enchantress-high-res-min Enchantress

Played by: Cara Delavingne

Bio: First appearing in Strange Adventures #187 in 1966, Enchantress is a powerful sorceress.

Values: A year ago, her obscure first appearance in Strange Adventures #187 could be purchased for about $75, but it now runs close to $500. Her first cover appearance came with Superman Family #204 in 1980, and this book has doubled from about $8 to $15.

 447689f-min  could-margot-robbie-be-the-best-harley-quinn-yet-509575-min Harley Quinn

Played by: Margot Robbie

Bio: A psychiatrist working at the notorious Arkham Asylum, Quinn falls in love with the Joker and joins him as his accomplice in crime. Debuting in the Batman television cartoons, she first appeared in comics in Batman Adventures #12 in 1993.

Values: Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in comics at the moment, and her first appearance has been skyrocketing in value.  Over the past year, Batman Adventures #12 has held steady at about $500.

 Batman 1-min  jared-leto-joker-tattoos-teeth-min Joker

Played by: Jared Leto

Bio: Batman’s crazed nemesis is a mastermind of the underworld, and first appeared in Batman #1 in 1940. He has become a pop culture icon, notably portrayed by actors including Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger in past films.

Values: Batman #1 in high grade will set you back about $500,000; while the movie helps maintain interest in the comic, it’s not a major factor in the price.

 Brave_and_the_bold_200-min  suicide-1-min Katana

Played by: Karen Fukuhara

Bio: Katana is the only non-villain on the team, acting as something of a bodyguard for the American military officers who interact with the Squad. She is an accomplished martial artist who also wields a mystical sword.

Values: Katana first appeared in The Brave and The Bold #200 in 1983. That book has risen from about $10 to its current value of about $50.

 Batman_357-min  306414-b1bd43e2-29d2-11e5-9e41-70fbd812ceac-min Killer Croc

Played by: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Bio: Croc has a disfiguring skin disorder that gives him a lizard-like appearance, and powers including enhanced strength reflexes, as well as regenerative healing abilities.

Values: His first appearance in Batman #357 from 1983 has risen dramatically this year, from around $20 to a current price of $150.

 99711-min  SS_Empire_09-min Slipknot

Played by: Adam Beach

Bio: Slipknot is a trained assassin and a master of ropes, sometimes hired by criminal organizations to target superheroes. He first appeared in Fury of Firestorm #28 in 1984.

Values: Slipknot may be a more minor character in the movie, at least from early accounts. Nevertheless, his first appearance has risen from about $2 to about $20.


The Suicide Squad has always played with a rotating cast of characters, and it’s never been clear who will live or who will die on any given mission. This sometimes leads to surprise replacements, not to mention secret motivations, hidden agendas, and inevitable double crosses. As the Suicide Squad movie approaches, we shouldn’t be surprised to see other characters emerge, or the existing ones meet quick ends. It also seems almost inevitable that the movie will spawn sequels… perhaps beginning with a solo Deadshot film featuring Will Smith, or a Harley Quinn movie with Margot Robbie? As DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures work through the possibilities, it seems likely that more hot comics will emerge. If they do, Thrill of the Hunt will be there to share the information!

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