Thrill of the Hunt: Valiant’s Harbinger & Bloodshot

Thrill of the Hunt: Valiant’s Harbinger & Bloodshot

A few months back, Thrill of the Hunt pointed out that a range of Valiant comics were spiking in value as speculation ran rampant following a movie production deal between Valiant Entertainment and the Chinese firm DMG Entertainment. About a year ago, Valiant inked a deal with the Chinese film distributor, reportedly in the mid-to-high nine figures. This is the same company that has co-produced North American films like Iron Man 3, and the money in this deal is to be used to bring big budget films starring Valiant characters to global movie audiences. At the time, it wasn’t entirely clear which Valiant properties were headed for the big screen…

More recently, it has been announced that Valiant Entertainment – in cooperation with Sony Pictures – are in the process of developing a Harbinger movie, to be Harbinger 1-minfollowed by a Bloodshot movie, and then a Harbinger Wars movie linking the two properties. The Harbinger comic series follows the adventures of an underground team of super-powered youths as they struggle to escape the reach of the evil Harbinger Foundation. Bloodshot tells the story of a mysterious super soldier whose body is powered by nanotechnology.

Since the three movies were (more or less) confirmed last year, both comic series have been heating up on the back issue market. When we last looked at these issues three months ago, we remarked on how Harbinger #1, the first appearance of the Harbinger team from 1991, had risen to $125.  This has now risen again to $150, but copies graded at 9.8 by third party companies like CGC have jumped to betweHarbinger 0-minen $650 and $750 apiece.

Bloodshot first appears in 1992’s Eternal Warrior #4, which has been holding steady at about $30.  However, third party graded copies at 9.8 have been selling for as much as $150.00.

In addition, there are a number of issues of Harbinger and Bloodshot that appear well-positioned for future jumps. The first six issues of Bloodshot 51-minHarbinger are relatively rare, and contained mail-in coupons for a free comic, a promotion that left many copied of the early Harbinger issues in an “incomplete” state. The mail-in comic awarded for sending in the coupons was Harbinger #0, and it has a much lower print run than the actual issues sold in the shops.  There is an error edition of Bloodshot #0, reputed to have less than 25 copies in existence. The scarce final issue of the first Bloodshot series (#51) already commands up to $50 on the back issue market.  Between 1997 and 1999, Acclaim comics published a little-known 16-issue series of Bloodshot comics, which are also hard to find.  If the Harbinger and Bloodshot movies are hits, these hard-to-find issues could see prices goHarbinger Wars 1-min through the roof.

Similarly, in 2013 Valiant published a four-issue mini-series called Harbinger Wars.  It remains to be seen if this title will have any real connection to the movie of the same name, but that common name may be enough to generate higher levels of interest in back issues.  All four of these issues also have scarce “one in 50” variants with different covers.

While we’re still three or four years from the launch of the Valiant movies, anyone wanting a copy of any of these comics might be well-served to get them sooner rather than later. Many are still inexpensive today – but whether they’ll remain that way is an open question.

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