Thunderbird Strike Riles Pipeline Supporters

Thunderbird Strike Riles Pipeline Supporters

Recently, a video game titled Thunderbird Strike won an award for best digital media at the Toronto ImagineNATIVE festival, where the focus is on artistic expression by the Indiginous community. The free-to-play Thunderbird Strike was created to advocate for the removal of the 64 year old Enbridge Line 5 pipeline that runs under the Straits of Mackinac in the Great Lakes, where a leak would be devastating.

But because violence inspired by video games is apparently an issue again, Minnesota state senator David Osmek declared it “an eco-terrorist version of Angry Birds,” while Toby Mack, a pipeline industry lobbyist, claims that Thunderbird Strike is “designed to encourage eco-terrorism.” Osmek also accused the game’s creator of fraud in her receipt of funding from a local arts council.

Rather a strong reaction to a very small game. I wonder how they feel about Custer’s Revenge.

Source: Motherboard

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