About NerdGoblin



NerdGoblin is a Nerd Culture collective.

Everyone involved with the creation of the website and its content is an equal partner of this enterprise. We all share a passion for the things we cover, and the things we cover are the things we do naturally. Come observe us in our habitat, share in our passion and be a part of the conversation.

We don’t pretend to be the artists, but we know what we like. Our dedication to these topics are an extension of our immersion within them. Obsession for games, both video and table-top. Excellence in Movies and Television, a great story told well. Comics, as collectors, novices or just fans. A good book is not only the source material for much of today’s blockbuster movies and TV, but actually makes for wondrous enjoyment in the theater of the mind.

Come on our journey with us. We have only just begun.



We Are All Nerd Goblins

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