Imago and Other Transformations, Trepidatio Publishing, March 2023

To the Shore, To the Sea, Hiraeth Publishing, March 2023

Sisters in Arms, Trepidatio Publishing, July 2021


Short Stories

Needs Must, Tales to Terrify Episode 645, June 2024

Come Not Between, Here There Be Dragons, May 2024

Wanting, Weird Fiction Quarterly: Folk Horror 2024, May 2024

And You, Their Best Beloved, Dracula Beyond Stoker Issue 4: The Brides of Dracula, May 2024

Winter Red, Weird Fiction Quarterly: Monsters 2024, February 2024

Follow Me and Nature Walk, Weird Fiction Quarterly: Fall & Halloween 2023, November 2023

Angels in Amber, Chthonic Matter Vol. 1, Issue 3 September 2023

Oh Bury Me Not, Spirits & Ghouls Short Stories, September 2023

To Selareme, Lost Atlantis Short Stories, September 2023

In the Grove, Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao, August 2023

Something in the Water, Weird Fiction Quarterly: Summer 2023, June 2023

Sweets to the Sweet, Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs Vol. 2 #6, April 2023

To Everything There Is a Season, Weird Fiction Quarterly: Spring 2023, February 2023

Ex Astris, Looming Low Volume II, November 2022Sisters in Arms

For the Night is Long, and I Am Lost Without You, Vastarien Volume 5 Issue 1, June 2022

The Golden Hour, Nightmare Magazine #114, March 2022

Something After, A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales, January 2022

Waiting for the Worms, Generation X-Ed, January 2022

Out with the Old, Daily Science Fiction, October 2021

To Die, to Sleep, No More, Weirdbook Annual: Zombies!, October 2021

Seven Stars, Uncharted Magazine, September 2021

Underneath, Green Inferno: The World Celebrates Your Demise, July 2021

The Grave of Angels, Vastarien Volume 4 Issue 1, June 2021

And Lucy Fell, Nightmare Magazine #101, February 2021

Homecoming, Dim Shores Presents Volume 2, January 2021

stillStill, Mythic #14, October 2020

As Below, So Above, Lamplight Volume 9 Issue 1, October 2020

The Wind, the Sand, Tales to Terrify Episode 453, October 2020

The Traveller (reprint), Strange Aeon:2020, September 2020

Judgment Call (reprint), Shallow Waters Volume 6, September 2020

Distant Early Warning, NoSleep Podcast Season 14 Episode 2, February 2020

Compline, Harbinger, November 2019

Dust Claims Dust, Broadswords and Blasters #11, October 2019

The Bones, Weirdbook #41, June 2019

A Winter’s Tale, Itty Bitty Writing Space, June 2019

One Last Mile, Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles, February 2019

The Triumph of the Skies (reprint), 32 White Horses on a Vermillion Hill: Volume Two, December 2018

pretty in the darkPretty in the Dark, Test Patterns: Creature Features, October 2018

Summer’s End, What October Brings: A Lovecraftian Celebration of Halloween, September 2018

Signals, Galileo’s Theme Park, June 2018

World Enough, and Time, Future Visions, June 2018

Winterking (reprint), Quickfic Anthology 3, May 2018

Strange Bodies, Mythic #6, May 2018

In the Bright Sunlight, Turn to Ash Volume 3, December 2017

Here is Where Your Proud Waves Halt, Weirdbook Annual #1: Witches Megapack, October 2017

Intraocular, A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession, August 2017

Predation, Triangulation: Appetites, July 2017

Fracture, Unnerving Magazine Issue #3, July 2017

Imago, Bracken, June 2017

Downstream, New Myths, December 2016

Green Girl, PodCastle, October 2016

Seals, Windward, October 2016

The Fire This Time, Turn To Ash Volume 0, September 2016

Triumph of the Skies, T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, June 2016

antinomiaAntinomia, Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis, May 2016

Alba, AnotherRealm, April 2016

Landscape (reprint), Quickfic Anthology 1, April 2016

A Clockwork Muse, Weirdbook #31, September 2015

Long Way Home, Bookends Review, April 2014



Cut In Marble and Pasiphae, Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer 2015

Queen In Red, Rose Red Review, Fall 2013


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