Imago and To the Shore, To the Sea! A Collection and a Novella!

Imago and other transformations

I am thrilled to announce that Imago and Other Transformations, my first collection from Trepidatio Publishing, is here in paperback and ebook for your reading pleasure.

ImagoIn the twenty-one stories in Imago and Other Transformations there is faith, found and lost again. There are eldritch horrors and profane rituals. And there are characters caught in circumstances they thought they could control.

A woman discovers the cost of the magic to resurrect her lost child. A husband struggles against hungry, old gods to win back his missing wife. A child wields a dangerous power his mother had long hoped to harness for her own. Plagues spread. Cities crumble. And the world that ends for some still goes on…

“Each of the 21 chilling horror shorts in Ruppert’s debut collection (after the novella Sisters in Arms) unfurls like the creeping tendrils of a slime mold. Ruppert is a master of atmosphere, drawing readers into recognizable worlds so smoothly, deeply, and inexorably that it’s impossible to tell exactly when the comfortable reality she presents morphs into something strange, terrifying, and terrible: what is the mind playing tricks, and what is a truth too awful to believe?” —Publishers Weekly


To the Shore to the SeaBut wait! There’s more!

I am also thrilled to announce my latest novella, To the Shore, To the Sea, is also here now in paperback and PDF from Hiraeth Publishing.

An alien invasion changes human life on Earth. Their ships disintegrate on Earth, leaking poisons into the soil. The aliens take to the seas. With nowhere for people to go, many perish. Tansy and Luke take their daughter Maria to their family home by the ocean, seeking refuge. But there are strange creatures in the water, and they have a siren’s call that is irresistible and unavoidable.

Things change at the shore. Inexplicably, children are hungry all the time. And
already it is too late…


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more announcements to come!