Sisters in Arms Is Here!

Sisters in Arms

Sisters in ArmsI am thrilled to announce that Sisters in Arms, my new weird novella from Trepidatio Publishing, is here in paperback and ebook for your reading pleasure.


Michelle de la Fortuna’s research brought her back to the lonely Massachusetts coast, and to the house of the reclusive Sisters of Providence. For more than sixty years the Sisters have stood watch here—first against the terrible pandemic that devastated their town, and then against a more insidious threat from the depths of the sea.

Drawn into the mystery by the last remaining member of the Sisterhood, Michelle begins to unravel the connections between the legends, the Sisters, and her own family history.



“Generational horror with a great Occult Seventies feel. Erica Ruppert weaves the sea, myth, and isolation into a novella rich with creepy atmosphere and deft characterization. Recommended.” —Scott R. Jones, author of Stonefish and Shout Kill Revel Repeat


“At its core, this is a story about family lore, ghosts and the old haunting absence caused by an untimely death. The narrative from there is adorned with a woman out to solve the mystery of her own ancestry, a town hollowed out by a pandemic in the early 1900s, and monsters from the sea. Ruppert manages to give readers a story that, while similar to all the trappings of Innsmouth, feels new and distinct. Sisters in Arms is a reminder of how long death sits with the living, how the past always seems to catch up when we suspect it the least, and of how powerless we are against it.” — S. L. Edwards, author of The Death of an Author

“Ruppert’s storytelling is vivid: she’s got a small number of characters richly described, a setting that is as familiar as it is disquieting, and a true threat that emerges from the sea. On that point, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that there were times I found myself genuinely unsettled by what I was reading. Though her use of the supernatural is understated, Ruppert has a way of describing the monstrous in a compelling kind of way that not many other authors can replicate. This is a slow burn toward real horror. Very much recommended.”–Andrew Byers, Horror World

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